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Liquid Screen Protection - Phone / Wearables ($200 Coverage)

Liquid Screen Protection - Phone / Wearables ($200 Coverage)

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Liquid glass keeps your screen safe using a Nano Coating Technology, guaranteed to resist impacts from every day use. Invisible screen protection, a Simple way to keep your devices screen protected.

Why use Nano Liquid Glass?

Our formula is a silicon dioxide coating that forms a thin, transparent layer on surfaces, boosting scratch and dirt resistance.

How easy is the install?

One of the benefits of nano liquid glass is its easy wipe-on application.
This allows for a quick and effortless coating of the surface of your device.

How will this protect my device?

Compared to traditional coatings, nano liquid glass is up to 20 times more scratch-resistant due to its strong bond with the surface.

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We have you covered

If your devices screen is damaged while using our product you are covered up to $200 toward the repair. Combined with our Lifetime Replacement Warranty we have you covered. Registration required. See details on packaging.