Simple Liquid Glass Wipes

Simple Liquid Glass Wipes

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You can wash your hands, but not your phone

Simple Liquid Glass Wipes keeps your devices free of dirt, smudges and other contaminants known to be harmful to humans. Designed to provide 20x scratch resistance to a screen without Liquid Glass applied, Simple Wipes creates a more durable surface to your most valuable devices. Complete with a $250 product guarantee, Simple Liquid Glass Wipes eliminates the germs and your worries in just one wipe... it’s that Simple!

product guarantee

Quality Liquid Glass Wipes guaranteed to
give your devices the best impact protection.

9H Sapphire Hardeness

Easy Wipe On Application

Scratch Resistant

Create an easy clean surface for your devices

Simple Liquid Glass Wipes helps in making sure your devices can resist scratches, scrapes, and minor drops. As an easy wipe-on application that lasts long, it also keeps your phone screen free from germs and microorganisms. Whether you want to maintain the durability of liquid glass or keep a clean screen surface for all your devices, Simple Liquid Glass Wipes can do both jobs to ensure your screen has maximum protection.

Simple Liquid Glass Wipes