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Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus Camera Lens Protection

Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus Camera Lens Protection

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Scratches and cracks are expensive to fix, and devalue your phone. Built with premium aluminum alloy metal ring and tempered glass camera lens cover, highly protect the camera lens against unwanted daily scratches and abrasions.

Why use tempered glass?

Our double tempering process offers advanced screen protection with scratch resistance and HD clarity.

How does it protect my device?

Our tempered glass is laminated like a car windshield. This strengthens the glass and absorbs impacts that will damage to your screen. This product is engineered to
spread impact evenly away from
your screen. Enough impact will
cause the protector to break.
Luckily our Lifetime Warranty
Replacement is easy and unlimited. Visit for details.

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Peace of mind

Follow the simple registrations steps found on the packaging and you will have access to our Lifetime Replacement Warranty as well as order screen protector replacements on our website.