Simple Sanitizing Station

Simple Sanitizing Station

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Instantly sanitize your keys, jewelries, glasses, and credit cards in just 3 minutes

Get rid of microorganisms that linger around your keys, credit cards and electronic devices. Simple Sanitizing Station is your go-to sterilizer! It's equipped with a built-in USB. So, whether you’re at home or on the go, you can bring the Simple Sanitizing Station anywhere.

Includes USB-C cable
as power source for Sanitizing Station.

3 minute cleaning process

Noiseless Operation

Fits most mobile phones

Built-in USB-A charging port to charge additional devices

Clean Anything!

With the Simple Sanitizing Station you can safely sanitize your electronic devices, keys, jewelry, glasses, credit cards and more! Studies have shown that there are many different types of bacteria that can live on personal belongings, especially your phone.

At Simple, we value safety and understand that UV-C light can be harmful on the eyes. So we’ve integrated technology that prevents the UV-C light from turning on until the unit is completely closed. The light will turn off when the unit is opened to ensure a safe experience.

Simple Sanitizing Station