Simple Liquid Glass Vials

Simple Liquid Glass Vials

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Second to none impact protection

Worried about your phone screen every time you go out for a trek, jog, or bike? Liquid Glass keeps your screen safe using a Nano Coating Technology, guaranteed to resist impacts from everyday use. With invisible screen protection, you can now stop worrying and spend more time enjoying the outdoors!

product guarantee

Damage-proof your devices
and ensure its maximum protection.

9H Sapphire Hardeness

Easy Wipe On Application

Scratch Resistant

An invisible protection that fits everyone’s lifestyle

Our devices play an important part in our day to day living. But, some things happen beyond our control. One day you’re making a call, but the phone accidentally slips out of your grip. Or one morning you’re out for a jog, and your phone slides out of your pocket in an instant. We all know how costly phone screen replacement can be, so why not protect it with Simple Liquid Glass? After all, if it does break, you’re guaranteed up to 100 dollars with our “You Break It, We Fix It” Guarantee.

Simple Liquid Glass Vials